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If you’re a local business owner looking to expand your customer base or just interested in creating awareness to your products and services, Marathon Group Corp is here for you. We have just introduced new products and services aimed at helping local businesses in Greater Waterbury area.

This includes the following platforms xperiorlist where you can list your business online for the world to see. The Xperiorlist directory boasts thousands of unique visitors every month who search our comprehensive database for individual businesses, industry segments and geographic-specific listings. Claim and customize your page to improve online visibility and marketability, gain key knowledge vital for success, and find products to help grow and manage their business. Recently,

Marathon just introduced video apps platform with the aim of video creation services.


Marathon Group Corp. helps small and medium size businesses increase leads and revenue by acquiring new customers easily and quickly using a conglomerate of our web properties. Help keep your existing customers. Boost your business exposure Place your business ahead of your competition. Produce cost-effective social medial content.

How We Got Started Edit I have been in business for the past 21 years. I tried my hand doing business when internet was in its infancy and could not make enough money to maintain my family financially. So, 2003,

I started what I knew best supplying nurses to hospitals and nursing homes. l ran this business until 2013 when I lost the business to unscrupulous factoring company. I wallowed in misery for two years considering my age. In 2015 I regain myself and teamed with my current partner with a wealth of social media marketing experience and Marathon Group as service provider to help small and medium size businesses.

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