Archives March 2019

Marathon Group Corp – 03/26/19

WATERBURY, CT, Mar 26, 2019 – Marathon Group Corp. (OTC: PDPR) (the “Company” or “Marathon”) wholly owned subsidiary, MarathonRx, begins merchandising of online retail platform concurrent with direct wholesale marketing.

By combining retail and wholesale in our marketing program, MarathonRx aims for a rapid inventory turnaround. “We have secured a number of buyers for our 3 product lines, both wholesale and retail,” commented Mr. MacDonald Tudeme, CEO of Marathon Group. “The demand is currently far outstripping supply across the nation. This bodes well for MarathonRx’s entry into the CBD marketplace with our strong supply partner, Pure Health Product LLC (owned by Canbiola, Inc)” continued Mr. MacDonald Tudeme.

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Marathon Group Corp – 03/11/19

WATERBURY, CT, March 11, 2019 – Marathon Group Corp. (OTC: PDPR) (the “Company” or “Marathon”) wholly owned subsidiary, MarathonRx, has signed their 1st order and expands product line to include previously mentioned 1,500mg Nano-Pure Ultra CBD Drops along with new products Tasty Drops 4 Pets and Muscle & Joint Salve.

MarathonRx reviewed many companies to secure top quality products for their clients. Pure Health Product LLC, owned by Canbiola, Inc. (OTCQB: CANB), was chosen because they maintain a high level of quality throughout the manufacturing process, use organic ingredients wherever possible and/or naturally derived ingredients otherwise. Their manufacturing center is an all in one development laboratory and a fully integrated production facility whereby all formulations, processes, and materials are vertically integrated in the production process. To insure 100% quality control and product purity, once our raw materials have been received and individually tested for quality and purity all facets of our proprietary production processes are controlled in-house. 

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