Marathon Group Corp. is organized to embark on website properties and technology development, marketing and advertising.

The company provides easy to use and navigate web properties in the areas that depict future growth and sustainability as indicated in our business plan. 

It also assists small business owners; particularly those in the travel and green industry, Green Movement develop web presence by providing platforms that enhance their ability to acquire new customers. Help them comply with the State laws and regulations as new States modify their respective green laws and policies. Our ultimate goal is to be the best in web development, marketing and in providing software platform in the emerging economy of green industry Green Movement in light of social and political shift in legalizing the industry.

Marathon Group provides added value to its stakeholders and shareholders alike in the process.

Marathon is a pink sheet traded company, registered in the State of Wyoming. Marathon was founded by MacDonald Tudeme as a major shareholder with two other individuals. We are in the process of putting talented programmers, website designers, web developers and graphic engineers whose backgrounds include startups and big corporations.

"For All Your Website Development and Hosting Needs, Marathon Is Your Partner"

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MacDonald Tudeme


Mr. MacDonald Tudeme has extensive experience as a senior administrator of a Health Care Agency from 1995 to 2001 under the New York City contract, providing health and housing services to under-privileged clients. Mr. MacDonald Tudeme has over twenty years of experience covering functional, managerial and operational disciplines in public and private corporations. He served as Director Marketing in charge of new business development, strategic planning and execution. He also served as a Program Director at Heritage Health and Housing Inc, New York responsible for leadership, direction of the program, contract development through (RFPs), reviewing of contracts and overall management of the program, liaison with New York City Department of AIDS Services. For four years he was a member of the Mayor’s Advisory Board on AIDS Services. 

Prior to forming Marathon Health Care Corp, he was a Director and a Senior Executive of a staffing company. He helped to bring the company public through a Reverse Merger and helped to raise capital in the process.

Mr. MacDonald Tudeme holds an MBA from City University, LA, a Post Graduate Diploma from Aston University England, UK, and a Certificate in Advanced Study from Brunnel University in England, UK.

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Outdoorlife4fun Launches Outdoor Social

Outdoorlife4fun Launches Outdoor Social

“Marathon Group was a nurse staffing or years. Recently, Marathon Group has jettisoned this business approach and now is positioning itself in a new vibrant business environment.

Sites Owned and Operated

Business Description

Business Description

Waterbury, CT 06705
Website: http://www.marathonhcc.com
Phone: 203-510-0217 
Email: mac@marathonhcc.com


Company Contact Information

Company Contact Information

Market Value1 $445,869 a/o Nov 06, 2015
Authorized Shares 730,000,000 a/o Oct 02, 2015
Outstanding Shares 103,690,557 a/o Oct 02, 2015


Company Share Structure

Company Share Structure